MLB Postseason Predictions

mlb postseasonI wasn’t very good predicting who would be in the postseason. Of the 10 teams who will play in the playoffs, I had four of them. That’s not very good. In fact, it’s awful. But, hey, it’s better than not getting any correct. Here’s a look back at the April predictions.

So now we turn the page. The MLB Postseason gets underway tonight with the Yankees hosting Houston in the AL wild-card game. Since I am so awesome at predictions I will offer these.

AL WC – Yankees def Astros
ALDS – Royals def Yankees in 5, Blue Jays def Rangers in 4
ALCS – Blue Jays def. Royals in 6

NL WC – Cubs def. Pirates
NLDS – Cubs def Cardinals in 5, Mets def Dodgers in 4
NLCS – Mets def Cubs in 5

World Series: Blue Jays def. Mets in 5

I want to pick the Royals, of course, to go back to the World Series, but it doesn’t feel like a magical run is in the making. I like the Cubs with some young talent to just have fun and win some games. The Rangers have been hot but the Blue Jays are too good.

If you plan to make predictions pick the opposite of above and you might find success!

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