2016 SD State Amateur Baseball Bracket Challenge

The 2016 State B Amateur Baseball Tournament is upon us with games beginning on Wednesday and culminating on August 14 at 2:00pm. The site of the tournament is once again beautiful Cadwell Park in Mitchell, SD.

Last year I started a Bracket Challenge to see just how much interest there was in this crazy state for amateur baseball. The only regret was not having the idea sooner so more people could enter. So, here we go, year TWO!

Last year we had around 50 entries and I think this year we can double or maybe even triple that number this year. Optimistic? Maybe. Possible? No doubt.

Once you create an account you can fill out your predictions. The deadline has been set for game time of the first game. Any brackets submitted after that will not be included in the standings. Make sure to check back for updated standings throughout the tournament. I will try to update as soon as possible after games are over.

Thanks for entering and please share it with your amateur baseball friends so we can make this a big contest. As of now there is no prize, but perhaps I can find a gift card or two for prizes. No promises. For now, enter for fun!

Enter Bracket Challenge Here


Czech Days Queen Candidates hope to hear their name Saturday night

czech daysCzech Days in Tabor, SD kicks off tonight and there will be plenty to do over the weekend. Tonight the Tabor Bluebirds amateur baseball teams hosts Lesterville at 7:30pm. After the fireworks follow the Czech Days weekend is officially underway. There will be plenty of dancing and Kolache eating over the next couple of days with many other activities mixed in.

For four girls, their hope is to be the next Czech Days Queen. Some have the queen bloodline and Kolache skills, but all have the proud heritage.

I had the chance to interview this year’s candidates about the process and the Czech Days celebration.

Grace Adam

Kimberly Stribal

Morgan Rothscadl

Kelsey Kocer

Have a great Czech Days weekend!

Another sad shooting, how can we fix it?


As I sit here on a Sunday morning and think about what I am going to do today my heart breaks for the people involved in the Orlando shooting and all of their families. Every time we have an incident like this I try to wrap my brain around how this could have possibly happened. And, more importantly, why the hell does it keep happening?

You should be angry. We all should be. Because somewhere along the way we screwed up. As a society. This stuff isn’t to be blamed on a parent or two. It’s not the fault of a video game. It’s deeper than that.

I realize shootings and murders have happened since before my time, but it seems like it is more frequent. Is it because I am old enough to pay attention more or I understand it more? Or is it really happening more and more?

Did we forget how to love? Did we fail to teach how to love? What happened? We live in a world where we are more concerned about sharing our story or trying to be better than someone else that we have forgotten to appreciate what we have and commend others on what they have. It’s not just one person. It’s all of us. We have all fallen into the trap.

We are far too concerned about who believes in God and who doesn’t or how someone lives their life or if someone is transgender, homosexual or something else that is different than us.

Imagine a world where we put as much energy into our own lives or bettering ourselves as we do worrying about the person down the street who believes differently than us or, heaven forbid, is different from us.

I wish I had the answers to how we can fix our world. I know it’s not the best to point out a problem without offering a solution, but we have a problem. It’s a big problem. I’m not going to live in fear. I don’t want that to hold me back from living, but I damn sure know in today’s crazy world every time I wake up it could be the last time.

There will always be evil in the world. We aren’t going to stop it. But we can better ourselves and those who will come after us. I hope that if we take those steps the world will one day be a better place.

We need to find our way!

USD sending three to Eugene

SD PawPrint_2C_whiteThe University of South Dakota will send three athletes to Eugene, Ore. for the NCAA Track Championships next week. Two athletes, Emily Grove and Emily Brigham, will compete in the women’s pole vault, while Teivaskie Lewin will compete in the men’s 110 hurdles.

The Championships are June 8-11 at Hayward Field. Continue reading

SD Kayak Challenge is this weekend

kayakThe South Dakota Kayak Challenge will hit the water this weekend for the sixth consecutive year. More than 180 paddlers will attempt the journey from Yankton, SD to South Sioux City, NE. Event organizer and founder, Jarett Bies, joined me last week to talk about the event. They are always looking for volunteers if you are looking for something to do this Friday and Saturday. This is a big event and very well run. Visit the website to be a part of it!

Hear what Jarett had to say!

Vermillion Grey Sox to host baseball classic

The Vermillion Grey Sox are hosting a baseball classic this weekend. The event will feature 10 teams from four leagues. The Classic kicks off tonight with two games, five games on Saturday and two more on Sunday.

Vermillion Grey Sox manager Mike Moran joined me on “On the John” on ESPN Radio 1570 to talk about the Classic.




eSports is growing and it’s fascinating

esports-banner-2ab5eWhen I read an article from the Omaha World Herald about Midland University adding eSports as a collegiate varsity sport I wasn’t sure how to react. My first thought was, “really, we now have video games as a way to get a scholarship?” I don’t think I am against it by any means, but it’s different to me. You hire a coach for video games? Perhaps it’s strange for me because I liked to be outside as a kid. I played video games when it was raining or snowing or the street lights came on and it was time to go home due to darkness. And I definitely didn’t do it competitively, but I was competitive when I played…..if that makes any sense.

I am not, in any way, trying to take anything away from anyone who competes in college clubs/levels or professional gaming. I have been trying to understand it more. We see some colleges cutting sports for budget concerns, is this the future for us? Continue reading